Jump N Switch


 Think before you jump!!!

Once upon time an Evil Creature messed up with Time, everyone gone in the chaos, half of the world in Day and the other half at Night.
Our only hope now is YOU!
Jump N Switch is your Power to Jump and change time between Day & Night!

Help your hero! Jump his/her way and switch time through the ingenious and tricky levels we have created for you!

Jump N Switch will seriously challenge your skills and reflexes!

Bachground Story:

Originally done in a Game Jam called ‘Game Zanga’ Aug/2105 (its like a Global Game Jam but for MENA region) We made it to the 3rd place ^_^ Then GameJolt Fest happened Feb/2016, it motivated us to re do everything in this game (Art & Programming) and publish the second alpha version (Web version) to get feedbacks from the gamers to help us in developing the full version and release it on mobile platform.

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