Anonymous Messages: Origins

Anonymous Messages: Origins Got GreenLit!!! What!!

LoL well here is the story, as we canceled the GreenLight campaign and we said we will re launch it when we are ready cause we want to make the game better…
But seems like you guys put faith and decide to keep supporting us no matter what, so the game got GreenLit…YaaaaY
First we want to THANK YOU ALL for Your Awesome Amazing Support & Trust… we will keep what we promised and work on the game, so expect new updates to the game page on steam in future with all new (Details, ScreenShots & Trailer) about the game…

Thanks again and don’t forget to follow our twitter @BugGames
Best Regards from Bug Games Team

>>> Are you able to figure out your Fate inside the Darkness <<<

You have been wandering around for a long time. There was something leading you here. Scratching the back of your head further inside until it reached your brain. It itches. Leaving you confused and scared of the truth that is about to reveal itself with each scratch like a message revealing important memories.

Anonymous Messages: Origins takes a different approach on the “collectable indie horror” by giving the player a purpose to unravel a story behind each message that has to be collected. Are you able to figure out your fate inside the darkness that is Anonymous Messages: Origins? With every cassette (Tape) you collect, a part of puzzle will be revealed leading to multiple possibilities at the ending.

  • Engine: Unity Engine
  • Release Date: sometime 2014
  • Voice Language: English
  • Subtitle Language: English – Arabic – German
  • Platforms: Mac – PC – Linux
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