Bug Games is an Indie Game Developer Team Name, Basically two men show working from their bedrooms, Who share the passion to make games:

Danar Kayfi (Programmer)
Mohammad Al-Dmour (Artist)

The Name “Bug Games” comes from several references, like the Bug shape enemies of the 80’s games like Space Invaders, also Bug refer to (Build Unique Games) although we didn’t build that very unique games yet but this is our goal, also 99% of the games must contain some kind of Bugs, so Bug Games

We started in 2012, our first game was released on June/2012 called (Space Rangers – iOS) but we best known by a small Horror game we made on March/2013 called (Anonymous Messages – Web/Desktop)
we participated in several Game Jams and competitors, on 2013 we won (Best Game based on region-Jordan) in the Arabic Game Jam called Zanga Games, also in Zanga Games 2015 we came 2nd place.

Awesome people we worked with on on some games:

Ali Al-Shaikhli (Game Tester)
Anmar Al-Obaidy (Game Tester/Story Writer)
Brett Weer (Voice Actor)
Mustafa Altay (Musician)
Toni Sattler (Voice Actor/Musician)